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January, to me, is all about fresh, white, light, and bright. We just finished celebrating the holidays and it is time for a refresh. Many people have started sharing their resolutions, closets have been cleaned out, and healthy lifestyles have begun. I gathered a few of the items I am coveting during this time. (Especially since I am on a no-spend spree.)

*None of these images are mine. All images are linked to their source.

Pottery Barn's Gift Section

I don’t know if this means I’m an adult but have you all looked at Pottery Barn’s gift section lately? Their Christmas gifting is on point. This may not be something new but it is definitely new to me. I had no clue they curate such an adorable gift section. I pulled some really fun ideas (all from PB for the sake of it being so cute) to show you all.

They have different sections depending on who you are shopping for and how much you want to spend. Anything from under $25 and stocking stuffers to under $100 and home goods. They even break it down for you if you are shopping for someone who loves to travel, a techie, a spa lover, the works.

Gifts for the tech lover

Gifts for the Traveler

Gifts for the Homebody

You get the idea. Thought it would be helpful to know that you can get all your gifts for your friends, mom, coworker, boss, etc. in one spot if you want!

Must Have Christmas Ornaments

While I love a good Fourth of July celebration, Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday. I rounded up some of the must have Christmas ornaments I found this year. From cheeky to girly, I have a bit of everything for you. Christmas ornaments make a great gift to give to your friends or to tie on to someone’s gift for an extra little somethin’ somethin’

must have christmas ornaments-caitlin elizabeth jaems-blog-christmas decorations.jpg

I included a handful of other absolutely adorable ornaments as well. That guac? SO cute. I would love to know if you end up purchasing any of these. Take a picture of them hanging on your tree for me!

Barbour Sandsend Jacket

I wanted a Barbour jacket since my freshman year of college. I saw a blogger in one online and immediately looked up the site and did some heavy duty research. I never thought to shop it during the Nordstrom sale prior to this year for some crazy reason. Once my mom got wind of the perfect birthday present for me, she was on top of it. Who was I to object?

caitlin elizabeth james-barbour-blog-photographer-instagram-headshot.JPG

Now I know how lucky I am that my mom was willing to get me a Barbour jacket. I am so very thankful for that. (Also, I know my birthday is not until December but she didn’t see the need in it sitting in her closet while I could be wearing it!) After owning one, I can 100% tell you that they are worth every penny. No matter what style, the quality is top notch.

caitlin elizabeth james-barbour-blog-photographer-instagram-ocean.jpg

I went with the Sandsend jacket from the new Costal Collection. I actually love so many other pieces from the collection. (I’ll share below). The lining, instead of the typical Barbour plaid, is of lighthouses and I thought it was perfect for me. What could be better than an iconic British brand + lighthouses? Especially since we all know my obsession with both Great Britain and lighthouses. The Sandsend jacket, like many of their other iconic jackets, is waxed. Which basically means it has the look of leather in comfortable, water-resistant, cotton. I may have to retire it until spring since it snowed here yesterday but it still kept me warm out there. The jacket didn’t get soaked through and it has a double closure with a corduroy-lined collar to keep you cozy.

I cannot say enough great things about all of Barbour’s jackets. They are lightweight enough for those early October temps but easy to add layers underneath on cold winter days. They are an investment that you’ll definitely get your price per wear down to pennies. (Does anyone else justify purchases that way? haha)

caitlin elizabeth james-barbour-blog-photographer-instagram-llbean.JPG
caitlin elizabeth james-barbour-blog-photographer-instagram.jpg

Brand Spotlight: Booty by Brabants

Founder, designer, and all-around booty boss, Kelly Brabants, was born and raised in Massachusetts. After a career in NYC and LA, she made her way back to Boston, got her personal training ceritifcaiton, and is now one of the area's most sought-after fitness instructors and personal trainers.  Booty by Brabants classes are a high-intensity, booty-shaping workout infused with energetic dance moves and bootcamp style exercises to ignite your core, booty, legs, and arms.  Brabants' classes can be found all over the city and now, her fashion brand can be found all over the country.

After hearing Brabants speak at the Grander Summit, and seeing people I know post about her classes, I knew I had to visit her pop-up shop.  The store is part of the pop-up experience going on in Seaport but you can most definitely order them online and the product ships FAST.  (I ordered my sports bra Friday and it arrived Saturday.)  When I walked into the store, there were already a handful of other woman in there trying on sports bras, leggings, and shorts.  I was immediately drawn to the v-neck sports bra and the olive green croco leggings.  I went to search among the wall of colors and fabrics when I was told that they were one size fits most.  All I could think to myself was that there was no way a one size sports bra was going to fit and the leggings were going to be too uncomfortable.  

I am happy to say I was proven wrong.  I ended up purchasing the olive green croco set above and I am #oBBBsessed.  I want to be 100% honest with you all so while the v-neck sports bra definitely fit me, it would not have been supportive enough for me to work out in (I am a DD).  The regular cropped sports bra is perfect for me though.  I also saw a half dozen woman purchase or try on the sports bras in all different styles and they fit every. single. one.  Small chest, large chest.  All of us fit.  We also all fit into the different style leggings and shorts.  I could not believe it.  I have shorter and thicker legs and the woman in the fitting room before me had to be 5 inches taller with thin legs and we both fit.  Yes, they looked different on us both but both flattering and we were both comfortable.

I have already worked out in the set once and I loved it.  The croco skin is a bit thicker material so it will also be perfect for the cold winters here in New England.  While working out, the leggings hugged me in all the right places.  The fabric is sourced from Brazil and Brabants has legitimately handpicked the best of the best.  Each piece is stretchable to fit all of your curves ands till remains breathable through the toughest of workouts.  I didn't have to pull and tug at anything, each seam stayed in place.  I also was super nervous because I was sweating a lot in this particular Body Pump class (it was over 90 outside and the fans weren't pumping great).  I had sweat a little through the back of my shirt (TMI? sorry.) but never once did I have sweat marks on the leggings.  They definitely passed my test.  I also got three different compliments on the leggings while I was at the gym that day so I would take that as an all-around win.

Gray Malin's Rhode Island Series

For those that aren't familiar with Gray Malin's work, prepare to have all the heart eyes.  Gray (let's pretend he and I are on a first name basis) travels the world creating stunning works of art while hanging out of a helicopter.  He creates cheeky moments that you wish you could live in forever.  His tagline is "make every day a getaway" and I think that is something we should all live by.

You may recognize his fun animal or balloon themed photographs or his overhead beach shots but most recently he created a Rhode Island collection and I am dying over it.  He shot in Newport, Westerly, Narragansett, and on Block Island (or should I say above).  While I absolutely love Gray's Nantucket collection, wish I was on safari with some of those animals, and dream about laying on the beaches in his Hawaii, Thailand, and European shots but there is something special about living in Rhode Island and seeing his vision on the state.  

The below are my top three but I think any Gray Malin piece would be a dream to own.

Is there any other photographer you think I would love?  Currently saving for a Gray Malin piece (one day) but would love to know who else I should be following.

Brand Spotlight: Micale Lynn

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love a good scrunchie.  Yes, those giant hair ties that we wore when we were little.  I never really stopped wearing them.  Being a gymnast for 18 years, I have grown quite the collection since every leotard came with a matching one.  Since my leotard days are long gone (gymnastics wise), I had to figure out another option.  While I have bought a few from leotard companies, I found a company that makes fashion-forward options that wear just as tight and comfortable as my old go-to's. 

Enter Micale Lynn.  Not only is the woman behind the brand inspiring and a total boss, the scrunchies seriously rock.  My first experience with Micale Lynn was purchasing a waterproof scrunchie before leaving for my bachelorette in Miami.  I think I wore it every. single. day.  It held my hair in place and it also didn't irritate my wrist while wearing it.  The perfect accessory for any beach or pool day.

caitlin james-scrunchie-micale lynn-brand spotlight
caitlin james-scrunchie-micale lynn-brand spotlight-honeymoon

I then brought my trusty waterproof scrunchie on our honeymoon and it was perfect for snorkeling.  I was able to see all the fish without my hair annoying the bejesus out of me.  It also looked great on my wrist while I held that delicious rum punch!

While the waterproof scrunchie was my first purchase, they sent a chambray scrunchie along with it.  It was such a nice surprise and seriously matches everything.  I was so obsessed with wearing it everyday, I went and bought a striped one.  

caitlin james-scrunchie-micale lynn-brand spotlight-striped-stripes

I have gotten so many compliments on them when they are around my wrist and in my hair.  If you are nervous that they may be too thick for your thin hair, Micale Lynn has you covered.  While I feel like any thickness works for any type of hair, they have options for those who don't!  There are three sizes Micale Lynn makes; regular, medium, and thin.  My most recent purchase has been a thin, sparkly, pink one that I love.  It is just a tad smaller than my others and reminds me of my old gym scrunchies.  

If you don't want ones that are as colorful as mine, they have so many others to chose from.  Solids, animal prints, leather, velvet; so many options!  There is a sleep collection that is a bit silky, a workout collection, and of course the swim ones I mentioned.  If scrunchies aren't your thing at all, Micale Lynn also carries banana clips, claw clips, and styling clips.  You truly need to look at their stuff for yourself.

caitlin james-scrunchie-micale lynn-brand spotlight-striped-stripes

Treat Yourself

I decided to put together a gift guide for you to treat yourself.  This time of year, everyone is giving back and spoiling others so much that I think we forget to take care of ourselves.  A spa day or a simple manicure could do the trick or you could pick one of these (which I would totally do because seriously... all the heart eyes).

  1. Louis Vuitton Key Pouch - This is the best way to carry around your keys and cards and license when you are constantly switching bags (guilty!) I know it looks small but trust me, it fits your cards as well. I have been using one by Tory Burch from my aunt for years but I think it has seen better days.

  2. Velvet Hair Tie Ribbon - As most of my friends and family know, I am a die hard scrunchie girl. Most of the time they are my old gymnastics schrunchies that all have matching leotards, might I add. These little guys are so cute I might actually put the schrunchie away for the day. I love both the blush and green colors!

  3. Yeti Rambler, 30oz. - I have heard the best reviews on this travel mug and although it is a bit pricier, it's worth it. And I'm a sucker for pink so....

  4. Barbour Beadnell Waxed Cotton Jacket - I have been dying for this jacket since I was a freshman in college. One day I will just treat myself to this New England staple, I swear.

  5. What do you Meme? - Similar to cards against humanity but with memes. Do I need to say more?

  6. Reversible Belt - This Talbots belt is killer. I spotted it a few months ago and have been lusting after it since. I also feel like you could justify the price because a. good quality and b. its a two-for-one deal since it is reversible.

  7. Leather Tech Gloves - Sophisticated enough for work but also great because I constantly need to use my phone for work. Win, win. These also come in a beautiful pecan color and in black but there is something so fun about the pink. Probably more practical if I got the pecan though.

  8. Wanderlust Map - This gold scratch of map is perfect for those who want to track where they have been. I have an app on my phone that I use but kind of thought it would be cool to have something I could physically hang in my dressing/guest room.

  9. Bean Boots - I am obsessed with my bean boots but this pair looks so comfy and warm for those days when I am out shoveling snow or playing with Dakota. Can you really have too many pairs of bean boots when you live in New England?

  10. Mophie - Here is a little extra that isn't feature above. I totally forgot I wanted one of these until this very moment. It is the most intense phone charger and I am pretty positive I am going to need one soon. I am constantly killing my battery and my spare battery that I got a few years ago. I have hear amazing things about Mophies and think that they would last much longer.

When was the last time you treated yourself?  My fall treat just came in the mail (hiiii faux fur coat), so these won't be in my hands for a while but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead.


December is now here which means holiday parties are in full swing.  Red is a color that always makes me feel party ready and combining red with a coral shade is something I love as of late.  Throw on fabulous statement earrings with even more fabulous block heels and spritz your favorite perfume.  Good to go.