Brand Spotlight: Micale Lynn

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love a good scrunchie.  Yes, those giant hair ties that we wore when we were little.  I never really stopped wearing them.  Being a gymnast for 18 years, I have grown quite the collection since every leotard came with a matching one.  Since my leotard days are long gone (gymnastics wise), I had to figure out another option.  While I have bought a few from leotard companies, I found a company that makes fashion-forward options that wear just as tight and comfortable as my old go-to's. 

Enter Micale Lynn.  Not only is the woman behind the brand inspiring and a total boss, the scrunchies seriously rock.  My first experience with Micale Lynn was purchasing a waterproof scrunchie before leaving for my bachelorette in Miami.  I think I wore it every. single. day.  It held my hair in place and it also didn't irritate my wrist while wearing it.  The perfect accessory for any beach or pool day.

caitlin james-scrunchie-micale lynn-brand spotlight
caitlin james-scrunchie-micale lynn-brand spotlight-honeymoon

I then brought my trusty waterproof scrunchie on our honeymoon and it was perfect for snorkeling.  I was able to see all the fish without my hair annoying the bejesus out of me.  It also looked great on my wrist while I held that delicious rum punch!

While the waterproof scrunchie was my first purchase, they sent a chambray scrunchie along with it.  It was such a nice surprise and seriously matches everything.  I was so obsessed with wearing it everyday, I went and bought a striped one.  

caitlin james-scrunchie-micale lynn-brand spotlight-striped-stripes

I have gotten so many compliments on them when they are around my wrist and in my hair.  If you are nervous that they may be too thick for your thin hair, Micale Lynn has you covered.  While I feel like any thickness works for any type of hair, they have options for those who don't!  There are three sizes Micale Lynn makes; regular, medium, and thin.  My most recent purchase has been a thin, sparkly, pink one that I love.  It is just a tad smaller than my others and reminds me of my old gym scrunchies.  

If you don't want ones that are as colorful as mine, they have so many others to chose from.  Solids, animal prints, leather, velvet; so many options!  There is a sleep collection that is a bit silky, a workout collection, and of course the swim ones I mentioned.  If scrunchies aren't your thing at all, Micale Lynn also carries banana clips, claw clips, and styling clips.  You truly need to look at their stuff for yourself.

caitlin james-scrunchie-micale lynn-brand spotlight-striped-stripes