I have been dying to pick some sort of berry for years.  My sister and I picked strawberries once in England with our aunt and friend and they were incredible.  They tasted incredible and fresh.  It was such a relief since we pick grapes once in Tuscany, Italy and let me tell you... they were definitely not ripe yet. Thirteen year old Cait ate some on a bet from her sister and a new friend and I'm still not sure if they were worth it haha.

Anyways... T and I went on Saturday and we were surrounded by thousands of blueberries!  I snuck a few on the spot and did not regret it.

CaitlinElliott_Rhode Island_Blueberries

It was super hot so T and I did not last long but we picked enough for me to enjoy for the week (he is not really a fan).  I had a mini panic moment when T reminded me of how crazy ticks are this summer up here and immediately regretted the maxi dress.  I inspected myself head to toe when we got in the car.   Needless to say, I obviously survived.

CaitlinElliott_Rhode Island_Blueberries

Do you have any favorite berry picking spot that we should check out?  We cannot wait for strawberry picking next spring but what should we do in the meantime?