The second tip I have for you all is more of an opinion however, I feel like it is still something worth mentioning.  Never post in real time.  I know what you’re thinking; INSTAgram, it’s supposed to be instant but hear me out…

While you are busy editing, cropping, saturating, writing, you are missing what is going on around you.  If you are exploring an incredible landscape and know that you are going to want to share it with your friends and followers, snap the picture and put your phone or camera down so you can actually see the view without looking through a lens or screen.

If you just got the most Instagram worthy meal or ice cream cone, snap your picture and then let yourself enjoy whatever it is in front of you.  Not only will your ice cream melt and your dinner get cold, you will be on your phone at the table while you are with guests.  Being on your phone at the table will give off the vibes that whatever you are doing is more important than they are.  It is rude and not necessary if you post the image later.

Another reason you shouldn't post in real time is so you do not make any spelling or grammatical errors (which I do on here far too often).  If you are posting for a business, organization, or even just yourself, you want to always put your best foot forward and make sure you didn't make any errors.  

If that sounds a bit too stressful for you or you are not sure when you should post or if you will even have time, you can always hire me. ;)