Time for the third installment of Instagram Tip Tuesday!  I love the messages I have been getting after these posts.  You guys are seriously the best.

Anyways, #3 is engagement is key!  Instagram is all about building relationships with your followers.


I have made some pretty awesome friends because of this little app and I am so thankful that I have those friendships.  Reaching out to someone, whether it is through a comment or a message, might seem scary but you never know, you might meet your soul sista.

Along with making friends, engaging with your followers will help with your own profile.  The more obvious way engagement will help is that your name will be put in front of new eyes and help traffic flow to your profile.  Engagement also increases the amount of times your profile will show up on someone else's feed as they scroll.  Photos that the Instagram Algorithm "thinks" people want to see because others are commenting and liking it show up more often in feeds.  It will rule this as a higher quality post that more people want to see.

One last reason why engaging with your followers is something we all should be doing is to grow your community.  No, I don't mean that new BFF, I mean customers or blog followers or readers.  Your community is the reason you are posting.  Whether you are a blogger, an etsy shop owner, an influencer, your followers are logging on to see what you are up to.  Your followers show up to see what you are up to.  They don't want you to just post and log off, they wanted to know you that you are a real human.  Make them feel seen and heard and your community with thrive.

If you don't have time to make your followers feel seen or heard, you can always hire me!