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In my last post here, I showed you my favorite things to do and places to eat while in my little coastal town of East Greenwich.  After posting, I’ve gotten a few emails and questions about East Coast Paddle Sports.  I cannot rave enough about this little company.  Although I have only been to their EG location, I bet their Wakefield location is just as incredible. 


It is so easy to book a ticket online and show up that I’m surprised I am not there every weekend.  The first time I went was to go paddle boarding with T.  It was so much fun and so much easier than we thought it would be!  The girls working there helped us get onto the boards and instructed us where it was safe to paddle and gave us a route that would take up the time we had.  We came back exhausted, freckled filled, and unable to wiggle our toes (seriously!).  You do not realize how many muscles you use in your quads, calves, and feet combined to stay steady on that darn board.


I loved the experience so much that I signed up for paddle board Yoga.  Adventurous, I know.  Needled to say it was just as fun.  I was feeling so confident doing my Warrior II pose and by the end of the class I was the only one that hadn’t fallen in.  Let’s just say that I got a bit too confident (read: cocky) and decided to give a headstand a try.  Next thing I knew, my back was slapping against the water.   I suggest wearing regular yoga gear that you don’t mind if it gets a bit ocean drenched.  If you have a one piece, try that also.  I didn’t have a yoga appropriate one piece at the time so I went with some cropped leggings and a tank.  I have linked a few suites/workout gear that I think would work great instead of sporting something less waterproof!

Sports ‘ kayaking does not disappoint either.  T, my friend Jo, and I went one day when we were a bit nervous to fall in because the water was frigid still. Trust me when I say to check the wind speed that day.  We were cruising all the way into the inlet when we suddenly realized to get back, our arms would be dying because the wind shifted directions.

Overall though, I cannot recommend East Coast Paddle Sports enough.  Their employees are the sweetest and most helpful and you cannot beat the prices!


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I have been living (not including those four years of college I insisted I would never stay here) in Rhode Island for just about two years now.  T and I rent the tiniest cottage that we like to say is old enough that George Washington could have been born in it. What it lacks for in doors, even flooring, and air conditioning, it makes up for in charm and location.  We also have a 1/2 address which makes me happy every time I say it. 

My town is a quintessential New England seaside town. There is a darling Main Street, quirky coffee shops, historic buildings, and converted mills. Our docks are always bursting with boats in the summer and our bellies full with the catch of the day.  

I have laid out the must do's and must eats for you if you are ever in the area. I highly suggest stopping by (and letting me know if you do!!).  

east greenwich_coffee_caitlin elliott


Walk Main Street - my favorite store ever is The White Elephant and you must go

East Coast Paddle Sports - grab a board or a kayak and paddle into the EG bay (we highly suggest checking the weather.. again, trust.)


Felicia's Coffee - great hangout spot or for on the go

The Nook - locally sourced everything

Main Street Coffee - fun and delicious at 11am or 11pm (trust me)

east greenwich_caitlin elliott

Good Eats

Blu on the Water - delicious seafood and the best sangria

Grille on Main - any meal is good here.. brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks.. you name it

Meritage - drinks bigger than your head and I die over the penne jumbalaya

I do have a few other favorites that I would love to share so if you decide to head to the area, shoot me an email!  I would be happy to help.