Bucket List Item

Similar to Mackenzie's 101 in 1001 list, I have started keeping a New England bucket list.  While yes, these activities and adventures can take place anywhere, I am looking to do them up here.  Some of the travel is out of the country so those do not exactly apply to the New England theme but I promise, for the most part, they all will!

My first list item that I want to share with all of you is... spend the night in a lighthouse. 


There is a surprisingly high number of lighthouses to can rent for the night within New England but I narrowed it down to seven that I would totally go for!

  1. Rose Island Lighthouse - Newport, RI: this one is right in our backyard practically. The price is seriously affordable and it is on the national register of historical places. You have to take a boat out to the island but I can think of worse places to be stuck for the night.

  2. Race Point Lighthouse - North Truro, MA: Depending on the time of year, you can see whales and seals right from the beach. Talk about a dream to me.

  3. Goose Rocks Light - North Haven, ME: Goose Rocks Light has enough to room for up to six guests! Lighthouse party anyone?

  4. Borden Flats Lighthouse - Fall River, MA: Other than a few modern day conveniences (i.e. solar electricity and a modern kitchen), Borden Flats Lighthouse remains true to the late 1800s. This lighthouse stands alone and has been around for over a century.

  5. Wings Neck Lighthouse - Pocasset, ME: Wings Neck Lighthouse is a former Coast Guard property that can accommodate up to 8 guests. Talk about fun!

  6. Little River Lighthouse - Cutler, ME: Little River Lighthouse is situated on a 15-acre island with stunning views of Cutler Harbor. Only accessible by boat, this little slice of heaven is a place for relaxation and adventure.

  7. Cuckholds Lighthouse - W. Southport, ME: Cuckholds Lighthouse actually a luxury Inn. You can rent a suite or even the whole island and it is the perfect for a romantic getaway or a vacation with family. A lighthouse you can be pampered at? Sign. me. up.