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This weekend flew by but was definitely one of the most fun this summer and I wanted to share just a few pictures from it.  The Washington County Fair started on Wednesday and I tagged along with a bestie her family on Thursday.  We had the best fried pickles ever and sung our hearts out to Michael Ray.

Saturday, I spent the day at the beach... it was relaxing and just what I needed.  Saturday night, T and I headed to the fair with a group of friends.  Jess and I had to get the fried pickles again and we hugged a massive cow.  Seriously massive.  I also was able to convince T to hop on a few carnival rides with me!  Slightly off-balance and rickety rides are not exactly his forte but he was just fine :).

Sunday was a little less relaxing than usual seeing as we had my work's summer party.  Although not relaxing, the view was beautiful!  The owner of the company just bought the most beautiful property and was kind enough to host the event there.  T said the clam chowder was out of this world too (I don't have as much experience to give my opinion on that one)!