Long time no talk!  I was busy celebrating a family wedding all weekend so here we are with two Tuesday tips in a row.  


Something that most people don't take advantage of is their caption for each photo.  Yes, sometimes it is easier and more fun to post a witty quote or pun with an emoji but sometimes, it is necessary to say something with meaning.  Captions give you the ability to tell a story about the picture.  You are able to tell your audience how you felt, what you smelled, what happened right before you shot the image.  These small details allow your picture to have a bigger meaning.

Along with the meaning behind your image being explained, you are able to build relationships through the caption.  You can prompt your audience with a question or just tell a story.  Either way, all of this will help build a deeper connection with your followers and create authentic engagement.

If taking the time to think of a caption seems a bit daunting, you can always hire me to help.