Weird analogy, I know, but follow me here.  The obvious use of a turtle shell is to protect the little guy inside.  It provides shelter and safeguards the animal against the harsh elements of the world.  It is inconceivably hard for predators and enemies to break through that shell.  The shell is also there for the turtle to hide behind.  It can retract into its shell when it feels threatened or panicked.  A feeling we know all too well in the world we live in today.  The shell of a turtle is also known as their spine.  It is the backbone that holds the animal together and keeps it strong.  The shell is a turtle’s home, it’s safe place, it’s sanctuary.

A turtle’s shell is fascinating, the uses for it and how it grows with the turtle instead of the turtle outgrowing it and having to find a new one.  It is beautiful and unique.  Parts of a turtle’s shell are also still undiscovered and not understood.  It is truly an amazing, yet complicated shield for the little being that lives inside.

Jacqui, my sister, is my turtle shell.