“Whatever our souls are made of, his (*hers*) and mine are the same.”

Who knew the start of a lifelong friendship could start from me being the most judgmental and bratty 18 year old?  

Flashback to freshman year of college:  Loyal and steadfast to a fault.  A quiet and reserved girl with an overly presumptuous best friend.  This was me.  When my best friend didn’t like someone, neither did I and that is how this how thing started.   Long story short, junior girl wants to rejoin gymnastics team (because duh, we need her and she should).  Coach asks team’s opinion.  Team all says yes except for the four best friends that anyone could have.  Coach doesn’t listen to juvenile freshmen.  Girl joins anyway.  Strange twist of fate, freshmen and girl become inseparable.

I never would have thought that our friendship would have turned out this way but gosh darn did the stars align and I became the luckiest girl.  This woman is truly outstanding.  She will tell me like it is and she will most definitely tell others like it is if they do me wrong.  She is beautiful from the inside out.  I am telling you, rays of sunshine just beam out of her.

Our lives are eerily similar yet completely different.   She is one of those people that makes me want to overshare every detail of the hardest days.  I crave her knowing every one of my deepest secrets.  Not because I trust her with them but because I know she will love me anyways.  And that is what a true friendship is; loving someone endlessly without rhyme or reason.  You just love and love and love them because they are who they are.

Kate has been there to guide me through all four years of college.  Through the heart aches and belly laughs.  The never ending gymnastics van rides when I would cry at 12 am because he didn’t text me back and the never ending lunches in Donavon when I would leave 20 minutes early for class because I couldn’t imagine being late.  She was there for it all, she still is.  When I need someone to come sit with me at the ER because my mom is 925 miles away she is there.  When I need someone to tell me to stop talking (which is more often than not #nervousspeedtalker), she is there to say it.  When I need someone to hug, she is there, which is weird because the girl does not show emotions often.

I could honestly go on for hours about how Kate and I have the same soul but I will leave you with this.  When you have a Kate, you don’t let her go.  You keep her in your life because honestly, you won’t find another friend that comes close.