Wedding Inspiration

We are officially less than two months away from the big day so I decided to finally give you some details.  We don't have a "theme" for our big day but more so an aesthetic.  You would think that my wedding would be all beachy and what not but honestly, that is not how I imagined my day when I was growing up.  I wanted my wedding to reflect my taste (and my future husband's but at the time I didn't have him picked out yet) and that is exactly what it the day will do.  Below is a small snippet of a mood board that reflects some aspects of our day.

wedding inspiration-caitlin-elliott-blog-inspo

For as long as I can remember, I have loved ginger jars and the combination of blue and white.  My dad's mother, one of my mom-moms, has always said that one day, all of her blue and white China would be mine.  Luckily for T and me (and our bank accounts), she has already started handing some down and we get to include it into our decor.  I think she is going to love what I end up using it all for.

The florals throughout the entire day will be white hydrangeas.  I kind of surprised everyone, myself included, when I made that decision.  Sunflowers have always been an obsession with mine.  I love the color yellow and everything that sunflowers stand for but I decided I didn't want them to be surrounding my on my big day.  I will have a sunflower bouquet to toss instead of tossing my own so they won't be completely absent. ;) 

I think the rest of the details within the mood board are kind of self explanatory.  The shoes are the ones I will be wearing that have been so kindly gifted to me by someone insanely special.  The "rsvp" is the font used on our invitations and the graphic I created for our custom stamps on the return envelopes.  I will have to put together a post all about our invitations soon.  They are everything I dreamed of.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this little peak into what our big day will be like.  You can follow along here and on Instagram with the hashtags #caitandtedfinallywed, #itsbacheloretteszn, and #greetingsfromjamestown.