Target's New Line - Opal House

As much as I love our little cottage, we neeeeeed a new house.  I know it will be some time before we get one but I thought it would be fun to look through Target's new line, Opal House, and see what I would buy.  I fell seriously in love with some pieces.  That chair? Holy cow, I need.  The little elephant would be perfect for a house plant in a bathroom or living room.  It's even cute just styled on its own.  

I would definitely want to get that artificial fiddle leaf fig tree because your girl cannot even keep an air plant alive lately.  It looks pretty real too and the price is great compared to some of the other ones I've seen (exhibit A and exhibit B).  I would probably put the tree's pot into the large woven basket I was eyeing.  I have been loving the way people are using baskets as planters lately.

This bar cart is amazing.  We do have a bar cart already but we could definitely have two if we had a bigger house.  #neverenoughwine  But really, they could be styled in completely different rooms and hold different things.  One doesn't even have to be a "bar cart."  The trinket basket and pillow are just must haves if you ask me.  They would serve no purpose other than being adorable in a new home.

Target Wish

Do you love the line as much as I do?  I kind of wish there was a bit more blue and white accessories but it may be a sign that I have enough of those already!