The Best Place to Find Sea Glass in Rhode Island

Without fail, every time T and I walk Little Lady Dakota at a park near the house, I hunt (and usually find) sea glass.  I live for collecting little treasures along the coast. I thought it would be a good idea to round up some of the best places to find sea glass in Rhode Island.  A few I have not yet been to but I have been informed by a few trusted sources ;). Here it goes, in no particular order..


The Best Place to Find Sea Glass in Rhode Island

Colt State Park, Bristol

I read some articles of people spending just an hour here and finding over 20 pieces of stunning sea glass. One hunter said, “it has the most sea glass they have ever seen anywhere.” I’m guessing this person needs to get out more but for Rhode Island sea glass hunters, it must be good.

Goddard Park, East Greenwich

This was the park I was talking about!  There is a little trail we take Dakota on and it leads to a tiny back beach.  I am always able to find a piece or two when we go.

Compass Rose Beach, North Kingstown

This shoreline is often used to launch small boats but it is exposed from the south so often times the surf will wash up some great glass.

Easton’s Beach, Newport, Rhode Island

Easton’s Beach, Newport, Rhode Island


Conimicut Point Park, Warwick

At low tide, walk out along the sand bar.  Just make sure you make it back before the tide starts to rise.

Rocky Point, Warwick

Rocky Point used to be an amusement park but is now a great place to find sea glass in Rhode Island.  I would not consider it a beach, but if you walk along the small stretch of sand below the paved path, you will be sure to find something.

Block Island, Rhode Island - North Light

Block Island, Rhode Island - North Light

Block Island

Although you have to take a ferry to get there, Block Island is one of my favorite spots in the state.  I hear Crescent Beach is one of the island’s best places to find sea glass. I plan on going next time we head out to sea.  I was also told by a follower, Brooke, that North Light is a good place to look as well. The only time we ventured there, we had to quickly snap a few pictures and then jump on our mopeds to be back in time to return them but next time, I will for sure hop off and search for some glass.

Rose Island

My friend, Kayla, suggested I add this lovely little island to this list and I cannot believe I didn’t think of it.  I have still yet to go, but I am dying to spend the night in Rose Island Lighthouse. This island is in the middle of Newport Harbor/Narragansett Bay so I can only imagine the treasure that washes up here.

*Shell Hunting Bonus* Easton’s Beach, Newport

I have never gone sea glass hunting here but I am always able to find huge shells during the off season along this beach.  My work has a venue that sits right on the edge of Easton’s and there are always little treasures to take home at the end of the day.


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