Ladies and gentlemen (not sure how many gentlemen there are reading this but I do not discriminate)! Yesterday (oops) was an extremely important holiday; National Doughnut Day.

First and foremost, I wanted to point out that doughnut is actually spelled this way and not “donut” like Dunkin’ has brainwashed us New Englander’s to think.  Now to the good part; Rhode Island’s best doughnut shop!

Allie’s Donuts are a must have when traveling through Rhode Island.  Their original sprinkled doughnut is made of happiness, belly laughs, and love.  No matter the color sprinkles, they all taste like the same light and fluffy, not too sweet, treat.

If you know you will be in the area, I highly suggest ordering a doughnut cake.  It has all the goodness that their original doughnuts do just giant sized.


Another doughnut shop that deserves recognition, although I haven’t been able to try it, is PVDonuts.  People line up around the block for those bad boys and I wish I could tell you why.  Their menu rotates monthly and from the pictures I have seen, thinking about their doughnuts makes my mouth water.  They sell out quick and are never open late enough for me to swing by after work.  If I can ever get myself out of bed early enough on a weekend, you betcha I am going to head up to Providence to try one of their decadent treats.