T and I decided to head up to Maine for the day on Saturday to celebrate our four year anniversary.  We both had the flu for our anniversary so not much was celebrated until yesterday.  Our first stop was Kennebunkport and to say we loved it would be an understatement.  We immediately decided we would have to come back this summer.

With our unfortunate luck, it began snowing while we were walking on one of the beaches and we sprinted back to the car.  It was nine degrees and the "feel like" temperature was negative six.  NEGATIVE.  We bundled up with hats and gloves and finished our adventures through town in the warmth of our car.  


We then made the drive up Portland and had a ball roaming through the shops up there.  I stopped in one solely to purchase a scarf.  It was that cold.  We shopped our way through Flea for All and I fell in love with a wicker chair that I wanted so badly.  We decided to leave it behind only because there is not a single spot in our tiny cottage that it would fit.  Instead of leaving empty handed, T and I got two vintage maps that we plan on framing.  We stopped into another antique maps store and found the best present for and upcoming celebration we have!  

So lucky to have gotten so many amazing recommendations from Jackie for our trip!  Thanks lady!