I cannot suggest the beauty company Glossier is enough.  My face has never felt more hydrated.  I tend to suffer with pretty dry skin in the winter and I decided to try something different this year.  I took the plunge, got the Glossier Phase 1 set, and never looked back.  

Balm Dotcom is absolutely the best for dry patches and dry lips.  It doesn't feel slimy and leaves your skin (or lips) silky smooth.  The Priming Moisturizer is buildable making it the perfect lotion to use to prime your face before make-up;  it never feels like there are a ton of layers caked on.  The Perfecting Skin Tint glides on easily with your fingertips on top of the moisturizer.  It works to perfect your skin and not conceal.  At the end of the day (and at the beginning for that matter), when it is time to cleanse, the Milky Jelly Cleanser is strong enough to remove all your makeup but mild enough not to burn your skin.

Overall, Glossier's makeup takes minimal effort and makes you look like one hundred bucks.  I give it two thumbs up, for real.  (The cute little pink bubble bags are stellar as well.)