I love holidays.  Each one brings a different emotion, awareness, and meaning to the day.  Whether it's Christmas or Groundhog Day, there is still something to be excited about.

A personal favorite would have to be the holiday that celebrates the special man in my life.  The one that has never let me down.  He will pick me up when I am out with friends and need a ride at 2am.  He may not always be in the same state as I am but I can always count on him to answer his phone.  He was at every gymnastics meet he could be at and he has never stood me up for a date.  This man lends me money when I need it (I have a terrible habit of leaving my wallet in the car) and he always pays for dinner.  He has seen me at my best and at my worse and you bet he still loves me unconditionally.

I can almost guarantee that you all assumed I was speaking of Father's Day.  It's funny how a description of a holiday can be so closely related to another yet people bash one and not the other.  Yes, that's right.  I am speaking about Valentine's Day.  You could also change out those pronouns in the paragraph above and I could be speaking of Mother's Day.  That's the thing.  Valentine's Day is supposed to be about someone you love just as Mother's and Father's Day are.  They are essentially all the same and putting down Valentine's Day will not change the way the rest of the world celebrates it.  I know you all are questioning why I am comparing these right now so I am going to dive into this unpopular opinion. 

I no longer cherish Father's Day the way I do Valentine's Day because I simply have no reason to.  If you have been keeping up, you are aware that my father passed away when I was ten.  Since then, I have also lost both of my grandfathers.  However, you will not find me disapproving those people who celebrate Father's Day or telling my friends that it is a meaningless holiday.  I choose to spend Father's Day how I do every other day of the year and that is okay.  I challenge you all to look at Valentine's Day the same way.  Just because you are single, it does not mean that you are suddenly entitled to calling the holiday and those who partake in it foolish.  Some of us cherish this holiday because we do not get to celebrate other "Hallmark Holidays" the way they are supposed to be honored.

So, while I celebrate the one I love this February 14th, you can either go about your day or you could try celebrating the love you have for yourself, your family, and your friends.  No whining, no social media rants, no bad mouthing, just love. If you disagree, that's fine, but remember when Father's and Mother's Day roll around, some of us do not have the privilege of enjoying those holidays as much as you do.