One day I’ll have a daughter and it’s strange to think that you will be the heartbreak I console her with.  I’ll tell her that her heart will stop bleeding and she will stop crying into his sweatshirt one day while I brush his smell out of her hair.  I will tell her that you were the boy that broke me but I was able to fix myself.  I will try to make sure she consumes more than just the voicemails from him and I’ll try to replace his hugs with mine.  We will spend countless days making new memories and try to leave behind theirs because we all know, she won’t forget.  I will tell her that one day she will stop checking the weather where you are.  I will tell her that even though she is engulfed in heartbreak, one day she will be surrounded by love; a love so great that the one that destroyed her will become just be a twinkle in her eye as she fixes her own daughter’s first heart break.