Have you ever met a land mermaid?  They have the longest hair and even longer legs.  They can make heads turn and hearts ache.  They have an unwavering ability to make you feel like every day is Christmas.  Lucky for me, Kerri is a land mermaid.

Anyone that knows me knows about this girl.  We call each other cousins (even though we're not), best friends, and pain in the ass.  We have known each other since they day she was born and I know I wouldn't survive on this Earth without her.

She's the type of girl that will get stuck in the middle of a summer rainstorm and enjoy it.  No panic involved.  She will always be up for a beach day even when the sun is hiding and the breeze is bitter.  We can sit in silence or binge watch an entire season of One Tree Hill together and still say we are having fun.  We both will never know what it is like to experience a runner's high because we would much rather curl up on the couch and we are totally okay with that.  We can spend hours laughing, arms flailing, tears rolling down our faces, and will have no idea why.  Kerri is the friend that my sister always warns new guys in my life about.  She says to be aware of us together because craziness will arise and weirdness will roam free.

She gets me and truthfully, that is all I can really ask for in a friend.