Everyone once in a while, by the stroke of luck, you meet someone that speaks to your soul.  He was speaking to my soul.  Class after class he would interact with my friends and me.  We were acquaintances and for me, that was enough.  All I wanted was for him to notice the insignificant things and he did.  He asked where I was when I missed a class and he teased me in the best way when I showed up in a neck brace (casual, I know).

I was never disappointed when the professor told us to work in groups because I knew it was my chance for us to become a team.  A team I so longed to be a part of.  I wanted him to be my home team.  My go to.  Someone who cheered me on when I scored and took a knee when I was hurting.  It was going to take everything in me but I was going to make him my teammate.

I couldn't just ask him to be my so called teammate because well duh, that is just not the way things worked in this day in age.  For starters, we would both have to be single because there is no other option. Once that was formally taken care of, we would have to exchange numbers? Go on a date? Get us jerseys? (kidding.) How does this all work?  I had no idea and he had no idea I was going to try to make this all happen but how could I not - he was perfect.

For now, I guess I was going to have to sit back, find some patience, and let life play out itself, something I have never been good at.