If I had to name the most authentic, resilient, admirable human I know, it would without a doubt be my mom.  There is not a single person who would speak poorly of her and the only beings she doesn't like are ones who have crossed her daughters.  Even then, she is still cordial to them.

This women has a heart larger than life and will do anything to make someone smile.

Her body tells a story.  She is teeny with a gigantic bite.  She makes Zeus look weak and Amy Schumer dull.  Her hands are strong from all the moments she held mine.  I hope to have laugh lines like hers one day, full of cherished memories.  She is capable of anything and has the capacity to make me feel the same.  Everyone feels welcomed in her presence and that my friend, is a gift.

She has experienced more agony and carried more weight on her delicate frame then I could fathom but for that, I am eternally grateful.

Karen is a ray of sunshine on a dreary day.  A flood in the middle of a California drought.  The first bite of a gooey cookie fresh from the oven.  A child the first time they meet Santa Clause.  The first shooting star you ever get to make a wish upon.  Karen is joy.

Pure joy.